Thursday, March 25, 2010

Demonstration speech self-evaluation

After watching myself give a demonstration on throwing a bowling ball, I realized I don’t like the sound of my own voice. After I got over that, I looked at it through the eyes of a critic. I thought that some of my strengths were breakdown of the steps, volume, physical demonstration of the topic, and the background of the topic. I thought that some of my weaknesses were energy and enthusiasm, eye contact when giving the background, and the visual aid effectiveness wasn’t that great. I thought that the relevance was good, but not great. Also, my organization was okay and could have been improved. I thought that my eye contact when I introduced the steps and when I went through them was very good. The visual interest I created wasn’t that good, and I wish I would have pointed out my nice bowling shoes. I would use the same topic again, because I felt that its relevance is really good. Lots of people go bowling every year for fun. I thought that if I do this it could spark an interest in them. If I could do this over there are some thing I would change. First, I would have drawn a bowling alley up on the white board to show where I look at, stand, and the path of the ball. Secondly, I would have practiced saying the background part without having to read it directly from the card. Lastly, I would have pointed out my shoes, or I would have had equipment in the background.

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