Friday, March 26, 2010

Peer Response 2 to Austin Spohn's Tiger's Gatorade Endorsement

I read Austin’s blog post Tiger’s Gatorade Endorsement. It talked about the product Tiger endorsed, which was a sports drink. It was for hard working athletes that needed to focus also. Tiger had the credentials to promote this product and it went well for him monetarily speaking. Gatorade dropped Tiger recently due to his recent fiasco. The article that Austin put with this was about the details of the deal for the sports drink endorsement. This is a nice blog post, because it’s current in times and has to do with a lot of talk in the past couple months surrounding Tiger Woods. The opinions are clear, but there’s not many and there doesn’t have to be. This is more of an informative blog post than a persuasive or opinionated blog post. I guess I agree with Austin when he says it was a unsuccessful campaign for both of them, Gatorade and Tiger.

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