Friday, March 5, 2010

Peer Response 1 to Pat Brady's Real vs. Fake Food

In Pat’s real vs fake food blog, he tells us of his love, beef jerky. He would go to local farmers market in Delaware, and buy beef jerky from the local butcher. He described how great the jerky was and told the price of it. He compares that to here in Madison. Pat can’t get the same great tasting jerky here as he did in Delaware. At Carson’s carryout, the jerky has a terrible taste and is processed. Here he links to a page about the food science of junk food. This article goes on to defend food processing. It compares today’s food processing to when our grandmothers made meals in the kitchen. The article goes on the break down what was in our grandmother’s homemade meals and that it’s similar to what food processors do today. Then, the article says that American Indians added some weird things to their meals such as wood ashes. The article goes on to compare raw, fresh vegetables to cooked, frozen or canned vegetables. It is common belief that raw, fresh vegetables are better, but there are numerous studies that there are negligible differences and that processing the vegetables make it easier to attain the nutrients. Back to Pat’s post, he wonders why they can’t make the jerky here like they’re supposed to. I understand where he’s coming from, but the article he posted doesn’t go with his argument. I think he is saying that real food tastes better than processed foods, but that is an opinion. Overall, I agree with him that “real, fresh” foods usually taste a bunch better than processed foods, but the article tells me that processed foods are just as good for me.

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